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Antarctic Art and Music

Welcome to the Valmar Kurol Antarctic Art Gallery


Gallery of Antarctic art paintings

Click here to visit the gallery of Antarctic paintings by Valmar Kurol.


https://www.mysteriesofantarctica.com is a music album about the nature of Antarctica from tropical times and some of the colourful myths that have evolved over the years.

https://aroseforantarctica.com - This album by Valmar Kurol and Michael Stibor continues to explore Antarctica through orchestral music.

https://www.symphonyantarctica.com - The music on this album continues a 25-year interest in Antarctica. Listen and read about this musical interpretation from a collaboration between Valmar Kurol and Michael Stibor.

https://rossseasuites.com - Ross Sea Suites and Other Antarctic Tone Poems by Valmar Kurol & Michael Stibor.  Music album inspired from a semi-circumnavigation voyage of West Antarctica

https://www.antarcticarrival.com - musical interpretations of various facets of Antarctica, a collaboration between Valmar Kurol and Marc-André Bourbonnais

http://www.antarctic-circle.org/valmar.htm  - Antarctic music discography

http://www.antarctic-circle.org/fiction.htm  - Antarctic fiction bibliography

http://www.antarctic-circle.org/movies.htm - Antarctic movie listing

You can contact Valmar Kurol by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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